Tuna-Less Salad

So delicious, simple, & quick to make!

What do you do with your celery mash left over from juicing?

Make Tuna-less Salad!

Simple ingredients & super easy to make and doesn’t take long at all!


8oz can of Organic Chickpeas

Half of onion chopped

Cup of Celery Mash

Two tablespoons of Vegan Mayo of your choice

Salt Free Seasonings: I prefer Mrs. Dash Southwest Seasoning, That’s Smart Garlic & Pepper Seasonings (let your ancestors guide your flicks of the wrist)

Enjoy with a Bag of @latejulyorganic Jalepeno Lime Tortilla Chips! They are Vegan Friendly and DELICIOUS!!!!

Happy Eating is Healthy Living y’all!

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