Mercy Me

Decades after Marvin Gayes “What’s Going On” album and track, “Mercy Mercy Me” we are still dealing with the same turmoil and issues that plagued the times then.

I’m such an oldies gal. I love old school music. It’s literally everything. I can throw a record on and get lost in the lyrics and melody.

While listening to “Mercy Mercy Me” and hearing Marvin speak on Mercury being in fish, radiation in the ground & sky, extinct animals, I’m like damn is he singing about then or now.

Now is worst! Worst than ever before.

Have you ever looked at a chart analysis on extinct species over the years?

Per “Our World in Data”, over 35,000 species have been evaluated to be threatened by extinction TODAY.

I wonder how Marvin would feel about so much of our food being over processed and cloned now.

Mercy Me indeed.

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