Treat Your Cells

You are what you eat mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Do you know the life of human cells?

Our body is literally a chemically balanced organism.

Have you ever looked at yourself as that?

Maybe if you did you’d be more conscious of treating, protecting, and nourishing yourself more Godly as the divine temple that you are.

Our bodies are constantly replacing itself.

Depending on the type of cell, the organ, the placement(position) of said cells, varies on the amount of life it has.

We are all made up of cells and can treat ourselves on a cellular level to cure & prevent disease.

We are made up of cells and WATER makes two thirds of the weight of cells. So drink it! You may not believe me but so many folks are walking around dehydrated! Juice and Soda is liquid but it’s not doing anything but making you dehydrated!

We have about 200 different types of cells in our bodies and those cells have different functions.

While your red blood cells may live 120 or so days, your white blood cells which are your T fighter cells that kick into gear as your immune systems first line of defense live 13 days!

Every 13 days those white blood cells are regenerating AND DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU’RE EATING OR DRINKING, that can make or break the state of your bodies response to illness/flu/cold/viruses.

I say all that to say, looking good and shit is aight.

But FEELING GOOD is my main objective!


Highs or lows and I want that for you too!

My Hey Kilo Cares Cleanse Challenge is FREE.99 and is a step by step guide to help you cleanse your system in hopes of adhering to a Intentional Wellness Lifestyle change that’s designed specifically for you!

It’s your life!

Take that power back that foods and habits have over your life!

Shout out to House OfBms for these bomb ass jeans tho!

And Matches Boutique for the fly denim hat!

In blue but I’m never feeling it, ya feel me?

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