It’s Grind Time

Y’all got to go back to the drawing board and focus on your WHY!

You can be the most talented person in the World but if your ambition, personality, and effort don’t match you may get overlooked!

That’s just real.

You got to go the extra mile for you!

Definitely got to focus on your target audience and not “popularity” or seek “validation” from those that you feel should be validating you.

Sometimes a lot of folks need to figure out their “why?”

Why are you really doing what it is that you’re doing?

Is it for Profit? Popularity? Purpose?

And be honest with yourself?

The Universe is going to always adhere to THE REAL YOU!!!!

And if it’s anything for purpose you got to understand that ANYTHING PURPOSEFUL ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS TAKES PATIENCE AND TIME!!!!

What I’ve noticed from studying anyone that moves in purpose from watching some of my favorite KC Entrepreneurs is that IT DOES NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT!

They have fails just as much as anyone does but the thing that separates them from everyone else is THEY DON’T JUMP SHIP WHEN SHIT AINT WORKING FOR THEM.

They are filled with purpose and believe wholeheartedly in their brand and their vision and they go back to the drawing board until they find the formula rooted within their mission and they keep at it!

That takes years to master and maneuver through.

We don’t give up.

We don’t care what people say behind closed doors.

We grind hard as fuck for what we believe in.

Honestly I’m at a point of tuning other businesses out. Not because I don’t support them. Moreso because I’m on MY GRIND!

I have a Vision that I’m creating and making for my brand that I have to put all energy into it!

That’s tunnel vision!

I can’t help anyone at this point I’m moving in my lane!

I’m sorry but 2022 is for Hey Kilo Cares

I’m focused on building my brand.

You can’t take everyone with you and for damn sure can’t assist anyone else while you’re focused on yours! Support them as you can but you got to do you to make it!

And anyone that loves you GENUINELY will understand this!

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