Happy Solstice

As the New Year emerges I realize that this year I’ve loss a lot of things or people I considered lifelines.

Folks that I could always call on.

While it hurts I realized that through it I’ve learned to lean into my own capability to be what it is I need to be for me.

I’ve learned that I’ve always had me from the start.

This upcoming New Year will be filled with new challenges and new obstacles and I now have the capacity and fearlessness to get through it all.

For that I am grateful.

And those that truly know my heart and love me as I am are here with me.

I don’t ask for advice much these days because I rely heavily on my Angels and Ancestors of Benevolence as well as my own intuition.

It never leads me astray.

A lot that has transpired I foretold.

I had dreams of things happening.

My dreams used to scare me.

They don’t anymore.

I am beyond grateful for my gifts .

I am grateful my intuition.

I feel like God had to strip everything away from me, and is still stripping everything away from me so that I can rely solely on my own inner guidance.

So that I react from a place of balance in all that I do.

Find strength within solitude.

Today on this Winter Solstice, almost a year from me connecting with my Mama again and healing each other, I give thanks in all the clarity that I’ve witnessed with my own eyes.

I am in harmony and agreeance with everything that has transpired in my life.

This was all for a reason and I am grateful for it.

For the first time in a very long time I am not saddened by loss. Onky grateful for the nee found strength I have found in my solitude.

Everything is eventual.

With time all things mend.

But the joy I have right now is uncanny like I would be so down and I’m not y’all. I am not because I know who I am.

I know who I am.

I know what I am about.

This Soltice I cleanse and welcome everything new coming my way.

I wish blessings and peace on everyone’s minds and hearts.

And I am always here.

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