Synchronicities are unintentional, unexpected, and by chance occurrences that are signs that lead us to our path/light.

Synchronicities happen to us every day.

Some of us don’t realize they are synchronicities or we don’t pay attention enough to understand the link because we are too caught up in doing things our own way.

Synchronicities are breadcrumbs from God. Directing and guiding you towards the path you should be on or they are job well done points for you!

Like seriously, things around you could be going all wrong. People could be turning away from you or leaving you behind!

Then out of no where you meet a connection that’s meant to catapult you a lot further in your career or within your life!

Guess what!? Had you not have been left behind you may not have made the connection that you have made!

You may not have done the things you should be doing.

Our thoughts, our brains, are the most powerful thing in this World. What we think and believe can truly manifest into our reality.

Tinkerbell wasn’t just saying, “think happy thoughts” to be cliche but seriously. When you think happy thoughts no matter what’s going on you can do nothing but fly higher.

Have your down moments. Cry your tears. But don’t ever let the ways of the World get you so down that you forget you’re a light and for someone your story is needed.

No matter how many attempt you define you wrongly. Placing their issues or projections on you. Push past it. Your light is needed.

They’ll either get you one day or they won’t. Not on you to attempt to prove anything that you are to anyone.

Just continue to be you and allow your light to speak for itself.

Contrary to popular belief we are all human and we make mistakes. Rather your offenses are forgivable or not is solely on to those who feel offended.

All you can do is love through it all.

Show up as you are and keep pushing forward.

You got this.

Trust the signs, follow your heart, and stay true to yo ur values and soul mission.

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