Cold/Flu Syrup Recipe & Live

Hey Y’all!

Currently making a Cold/Flu Syrup and have been getting hit up with very day with folks inquiring on what to take for any Cold/Flu Symptoms so I figured as I make this batch I’d show you guys and go over the herbs and their benefits.

As well as mention my other favorite homeopathic remedies that I use and the kids use to keep our immune systems supported! Click the link above to view!

Tips on Illness/Viruses

Release stressors through meditation, elimination, detaching, whatever y’all have to do.

Stress is an open invitation for illness in your system!

Do things that bring you joy.

Be grateful for everything that you have and practice gratitude in absolutely everything that you do.

We gone be alright yall.

I have a TON of cough syrup left.

If anyone is needing any it’s good until Next Monday and you can pick it up. Just bring a mason jar to be filled.

The recipe again is simple and easy:

32 ounces of water
1/4 of thyme
1/4 of sage
1 onion
1 whole garlic

Bring to a boil then simmer on low for 45 mins.

Let sit for a minute.

Strain and store in a mason jar.

Remember while it is simmering it’s important to keep a lid on the decoction to keep all volatile oils in the broth.

Add in either raw honey or organ coconut sugar to it for taste.

Get well soon you all and let me know how this recipe works out for you.

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IG so ignorant lol I love it!

Wishing abundance and wellness to you all!

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