I Wanted to Write a Cookbook so I did!

Download my E-Cookbook right now for only $1.11!

I love that time and time again, no matter what I am going through, that whatever I set my mind to I do it.

I don’t worry about who will like it, I like it so I do it.

I don’t worry about who will buy it. Not my concern.

All I know is that Intentional Wellness worked for me and I know for a fact that it can work for you too.

Being mostly plant based, I still consume some honey in certain products like my Wellness Syrup & Fire Cider, I have never felt as good as I do now.

My health is the best that it has ever been even in my twenties. I feel more connected with nature. I feel free. I feel alive.

I look Damn good might I add but the gist of it all wasn’t about vanity but more about confidence to do the work that I know needs to be done.

My people are dying in vast numbers to illnesses and viruses due to our poor eating habits.

I wanted to serve as an example that through nutritional wellness and intentional living that we can take back the power of our health through our diet and herbal supplements.

I am dedicated to the healing of my community one person at a time.

My dream is to have an affordable practice in Midtown Kansas City for Family Health & Wellness. With a boatload of Healers and Practitioners doing the work in the community.

I will have it. I visualize about it daily. And my dreams are manifesting.

I hope that my ECookbook and my Free Cleanse challenge helps someone jumpstart their journey of intentional wellness.

FREE CLEANSE CHALLENGE—-> https://heykilo.org/product/hey-kilo-cares-cleanse-challenge/

In addition to these books I am now booking consultations for my One on One Intentional Wellness Coaching Sessions.

Book your consultation today —-> https://heykilo.org/product/intentional-wellness-consultations/

The consultation is an initial conversation where we go over your current diet and lifestyle factors, your overall wellness goals (mind, body, & soul), and from there we will discuss Intentional Wellness plans that will best suit your needs.

Wellness plans are monthly fees and is a package of products and services that are price based upon your lifestyle goals and current health regime.

Some folks won’t need an extensive program while others may need me to work hand and hand with their physicians to formulate a Wellness plan that incorporates prescription medication and current treatments.

A Basic plan will consist of a Months supply of herbal supplements of the clients choice. (Teas, Tinctures, Capsules, Soaks, etc.) Weekly Meal Plans, Stress management techniques/practices from yoga poses/stretches, and meditation. As well as weekly one on one check ins for progress, goal check offs, and accountability.

I’m so excited to see what the New Year brings and to assist you with reaching new highs!

Love & Light

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