The Next two days for manifesting is so real.

With the approaching New Moon in Capricorn coming in on 1/2/2022, Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn pre shadow occurring with it beginning on 1/14, and Saturn in Aquarius this is the ideal time to CHILL, FOCUS, VISUALIZE, STUDY, PLAN, AND and lay out your foundations for the first quarter of the year!

With communication & technology acting janky as hell this retrograde is going to be one where EVERYONE should emerge from it with mental clarity, a plan, focus, and strategic execution designed and layed out.

Whatever you should have released that did not get released within 2021 will come to a head within these first few days of the New Year!

Meaning whatever or whoever isn’t in alignment with where you are headed, you will be forced to deal or look at it within this down period from a logical perspective and and not one of emotion with the Saturn in Aquarius influence.

You’re going to release a lot even tonight within this balsamic moon phase.

Brace yourselves because this is necessary dont fight or excuse anything.

Allow it all to be!

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