Have You Shopped With Me Yet?

Hey Y’all!

I know we’ve been blog buddies for awhile now and I love that you absolutely love to read whatever it is I’m talking about!

I truly appreciate you all!

Did you know that I am also a Herbalist?

Yes, little ol’ me!

Herbalist and Intentional Wellness Coach that has just launched my Intentional Wellness Program! Perfect for those New Year’s resolutions that you and I know need an accountability partner that’ll encourage you to stay on track & fight through your ego and habitual routine! Look no further I’m your girl!


In addition to coaching, I’ll also supply you with a Month’s supply of herbal supplements, teas, or tinctures (your choice) to help boost and support your nutritional transformation!

I wrote a cookbook that’s only $1.11!


I am a DIY guru and literally can make ANYTHING I put my mind to! If you’re in KC tickets for my next class are still going until January 15th!


From jewelry….

Sold, sorry. but check the site for more! https://heykilo.org/shop/

To candles…. https://heykilo.org/product/custom-intention-candles/

You can literally see the magic!

To Orgone Pyramids….

To Timctures….



I’m a spiritualist with deep holistic familial roots of clairvoyance, rootworking, and healing.

I’m a descendant of both Annie Turnbo Malone (Father’s Side) & Elijah McCoy (The Real McCoy).

Creating, healing, and inventing is just naturally within me.

I would love if you all would take some time when you can and check out my store!

Share it with your friends and family!

Right now everyone can receive $5 off their order of $35 or more by using code GLOW2022.

This year I’m coming harder with products, the podcast, the blog, and the YouTube channel!

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