Yeah How About No!

I don’t know what my job is going to do but they aren’t sticking anything up my nose to test me weekly.

At all.

Haven’t had any symptoms or issues throughout this entire 2 years this has been going on. That’s not to brag either before someone comes on here saying I am. I’m not.

No one is exempt, not even me. I am grateful to God and nature for keeping myself and the kids ok throughout this whole thing. (GET YALL SOME CELL SALTS AND MY FIRE CIDER!!!! It’ll be back in stock February 1st. Pre orders available now! They will go fast!

You’re not about to put something foreign up my nose.

Not willingly.

There’s no logic to any of this.

If people who are vaccinated are STILL getting sick and testing positive, what makes them exempt from spreading it? If they are still getting it and their families are getting it with them?

Where is the logic?

Anything to not admit that their vaccinations aren’t up to par with going up against this virus and it’s many mutations.

That their guidelines from wearing mask and social distancing isn’t working.

Anything but admit that the World was ill prepared for this virus and our health and diet has played a major part in our weakened immunity.

The World was not ready for this.

And I don’t care how small someone maybe or how much they may work out, I know more unhealthy people that are SUPER SMALL or have a body of a God/Goddess but depression/anxiety has them so easily capable of being penetrated. They don’t realize how interconnected all our body systems are, they flow as one!

If one system is down and affected, they all are going to be down and affected and thats going to compromise and weaken your immunity.

Healing is not the focus of Western Allopathic Medicine. Treatment is. They treat they do not find the root cause or cure. They only treat the symptoms and mute them.


And we have a Food System that is KNOWN to cause the issues yet they only put that well known fact in small print on the FDAs website I’m sure no one visits but my weird ass. Lol

I say all that to say, I got me. And no one is sticking me or sticking anything up my nose.


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