3 • 6 • 9 01/11/2022

As we are nearing the midnight ultimate manifesting hour! On the day of 1/11/2022. Here is my download for today:

To all my Herbalist Friends, Spiritual Healers, and anyone else this may resonate to.

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I was speaking to my Sis Alexandria Alex’Aleja’ Scherff this morning on how this first quarter within the Official full year of the Aquarius Age really has us all on edge for what’s to come.

You feel it. The preparation. The need to make room. Make space. The need to study harder. Learn more. Setting and fulfilling goals.

A lot of us are changing directions in our businesses and putting more emphasis into coaching and shadow work. (WE NEED MORE SHADOW WORKERS FOR WHATS TO COME.)

And she said a word that really stuck out.

She said we are incubated.

We really are being incubated. Prepared to take on the MANY FOLKS that are about to have veils snatched off of them.

They are going to need herbal help, therapy, shadow coaching and support through it.

So if you are contemplating adjusting your services to incorporate shadow work into it this status is your DO IT AND DO IT NOW!

Not later now with this first quarter energy.

You’re not copying anyone.

I can’t emphasis enough that we got to rid the mindset of “everyone is doing what I thought of.”


Be confident. Be bold. Be present. Be ready.

By Spring it’s going to be busy. We are ALL GOING TO BE BUSY!

Now is the time of great preparation.

We are going to be a blessing to so many.

Because we are the chosen. We faced ourselves. We tamed our egos. We fought a fight against ourselves and now we have a BLUEPRINT and idea and a way to help others fight themselves.

Spring is going to be LIT!

I can’t wait to see all the blessings coming y’all way!

Now is not the time to wonder if, get ready and do it!

Do the work that needs to be done within so that you can do the work without EGO! Asé


3 + 6 = 9

9 is a divine number.

“Angel Number 9 is a sign from the angels that your life path and soul mission involve being of service to humanity through the use of your natural skills and talents. Angel Number 9 suggests that you are a natural lightworker and encourages you to look to ways to serve others in positively uplifting ways.

Angel Number 9 may be indicating that it is time to end a phase, situation or relationship that is no longer serving you in a positive way. Rest assured that ‘new’ will enter your life that will enhance and benefit your life and lifestyle in many ways. Prepare yourself today as there is much work for you to do.

Angel Number 9 encourages you to be compassionate, thoughtful, philanthropic and of service to others and humanity as a whole and lead other by positive example.”

Get Ready! That’s all I keep hearing is the time is now.

Do the work so that you can be READY TO DO THE WORK!

No excuses!

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