Love, Purified

While most folks brought in the New Year having a ball, sharing intimate kisses with their partners, I was on my second day of my 3 day purity bath ritual. Solidifying my year with protection, acceptance, and welcoming all the positive blessings and power that’s coming my way.

This year is dedicated to me reconnecting with my roots through identifying my ancestral guides, continuing to work with roots, and purposefully doing rootwork boldly and proudly in all of its glory.

I am a Rootworker and I am proud to yell that loudly for the first time in my life.

The joy that I feel to reconnect with my Ancestors through rootwork, in my kitchen, in my garden, and feeling all the love and peace surrounding me has been more awakening than anything I’ve ever experienced before.

So, I started off 2022 with a 3 day purity bath for healing, protection, and welcoming nothing but positivity and abundance in every avenue of my life. Since doing this ritual I have been receiving nothing but blessings, back to back.

Purity baths are our way of starting over. 2021 was a year of clarity. Where we were capable of truly seeing things for what they are. A major period of growth and transformation through being forced to see and overcome your fears.

The energy of the year for me was extremely heavy and intensified by late Summer during the back to back Aquarius Full Moons. During this period of time I went through many shifts. Experienced many losses friendship wise and I found myself alone. Or moreso, feeling alone.

The New Moon in July I specifically asked for my path to be revealed. I asked Source to remove everything that stood in the way of me ascending higher. Cut ties and release me from binds that are hindering me from connecting to my Higher Self. Remove blockages to my Pineal Function so that I am capable of seeing the truth be revealed.

Be careful what you wish for.

No one talks about how painful spiritual awakenings can be. Or how many times you’ll be attacked while enduring shifts. How much you question your sanity. How many people you are misunderstood by. How facing yourself at times and the darkness within can be devastating.

But I did just that. I got through and over it.

I got through and released it all. By December, I was ready to embrace my power and I wanted to start with a clean slate.

Let go of any final issues that I was holding on to. Protect my temple from any current threats or attacks. Purify my heart, soul, and mind from any negative inner thoughts and feelings that would prevent me from authentically BEING.

This is why Purity Baths are so important. They clear out the clutter, banish all the chains of iniquity plaguing you. Soak away all negativity and energy that’s attached to you or coming from you. Soak out all impurities so that you are clean and open to welcome in nothing but positivity, abundance, and blessings.

Purity baths are the ultimate showcase of self love and appreciation. What better way to start off a new year, or a new moon phase than with a purity bath.

So, here’s my favorite Purity Bath Ritual. No, it is not my own as most of our work has been passed down through the generations.

This is one of my favorites and does exactly what needs to be done if performed accurately.

This cleanse takes place over a period of 3 days. Please make sure to arrange it around your schedule with NO interruption. If you skip a day, please just restart it. Must be done in a 3-day back-to-back sequence.


Day 1 will need to begin just after Sunset when negative energy/spirits are rising.

Day 2 & 3 will need to be done prior to Sunrise as the new day begins.

Day 1

Bath Ingredients:

Dandelion Roots – Grounding

Yarrow – Strengthening/Healing

Wormwood – Banishing

Nettle – Strength/Healing/Protection

Red or Purple Petals

Horehound – Spiritual Healing

½ Cup of Vinegar – Purifying

Drops of Ammonia – Cleansing/Purifying

2 white candles for a doorway


At the right time, after sunset, begin filling your tub with hot water. (to your desired temp. As hot as you like it.) Take two candles (white) and place them on opposite ends to represent a doorway to the bath. Pour in herbal mixture along with ammonia and vinegar. Remove your clothing and enter the through the doorway.

(sidenote) If you don’t have an herb strainer you can place the herbs in a tea bag to prevent them from clogging your drain. I have a strainer that I use after I’m done to put in the drain to catch the herbs.

If you are on your menstruation cycle DO NOT perform this bath. Wait until after you are completely off, not spotting, to perform. Blood is tricky and can truly alter the affects of the ritual.

Dunk yourself in the water, completely submerging your head seven times. Do not ingest the contents of the water. Each time you  emerge, spend a few minutes meditating on the positive outcome that you desire in your life. The things that you are wanting to eliminate and shed from within yourself. I typically call on Subconscious & Superconscious to remove all cords attaching to as well as coming from me. I call on my Ancestors of Benevolence and Star Family that are in alignment with Cosmic Law to assist me removing all things that no longer serve me purpose. It could be negative relationships, stress, worry, doubt, fear, bad debt, whatever think on the positive outcome after each dunk. By the seventh dunk you should feel the water cooling. Step out through the doorway and grab a cup. Scoop out some of the bath water into the cup and set it aside. Drain the rest of the tub.

Do not dry yourself.

Allow the magic to steep within your pores. When you feel dry enough put on your robe and go outside facing the West with the cup of the bath water.

While outside raise the cup above your head and declare this:

“Whatever hold the negative forces or spirits have over me has been broken. I am free from every negative bond. As I cast this water over my head, I am also casting out every negative spirit and energy in my life.”

After Reciting, toss the water out and go back in doors. Night one is complete.

Day 2 & 3

Ingredients (Day 2 & 3 is the same but you must use fresh ingredients each day of course.)




Comfrey leaves

Powdered Nutmeg

Powdered Cinnamon

White Petals


3 cups of milk

1 egg


Cleanliness is a requirement for these next two baths. Please make sure you shower prior to taking the bath. Ensure the tub is completely clean.

Once you have done this begin running hot water and fill the tub. Create your doorway again with the candles. Next, crack the egg and drop in into the water, then add in the herbs, milk, and honey. Enjoy the aroma of the bath and allow positive images to enter your mind. Once you are ready, remove your clothing, step through the doorway and enter the tub.

Dunk yourself five time. As you emerge from each dip, allow yourself to become open to all positive energy the World is offering you. When you are finished again step through the doorway, grab a cup and fill it with the bath water. Set it aside and drain the tub.

Do not dry off! Allow the magic to do it’s thing. When you feel dry enough go outdoors facing the east towards the rising Sun and say these words:

“I welcome this day with joy and gladness. I open myself to the blessings that the World has to offer me. I attract light, love, and positivity to every area of my life. I welcome all the good spirits into my heart and into my home.”

Toss the contents of the bath towards the rising Sun.

Do not immediately wash everything off of you. I typically allow it to stay on me until it is either completely dry or the remainder of the day.

Welcome the positivity.

I pray that this ritual provides you with nothing but blessings. Today is a perfect day to start it as a major portal has been open that can open up so many opportunities and positive energy your way. Maintain a positive mindset no matter what on this 3+6=9 Portal.

May the Most High Bless you and yours.


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