We can blame the CDC, the FDA, and every other government organization we want to when it comes to the mainstream types of foods that are out here and “affordable” to folks.

But the reality of who is truly at fault is the consumer.

Because there are PLENTY of studies, warning labels, Doctors, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and so many more who practically SCREAM about the importance of Nutritional Wellness and yet people will leave a doctors appointment where their blood pressure reading was SKY HIGH and go buy a burger and fries.

At the end of the day, people would rather point fingers not realizing that there are 3 fingers being pointed back at them.

People want quick fixes, they don’t want to do the hard work, the research, implementing changes, or even hear that the way they are doing it is working against them and not for them.


People want to be coddled.

I’m not a coddling Coach.

I’ll link you to a therapist that’ll listen to you but I’m going to tell you that the change you want must be the change you that YOU work for.

I tell my sons all the time don’t nothing in life come easy.

If you want it, you want to reap the rewards of success? You’re going to have to work and work smart.

I’ll see people at the gym a million times a day and STILL not making much progress because they don’t want yo change what they are eating.

Y’all don’t want to admit how much food and cravings control your lives!

Trust me, there was a point when I didn’t want to admit it too.

But it does.

Just like liquor and drugs, food is an addiction too.

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