It’s nothing personal towards anyone but I am releasing all social connection for me at this time.

I need to re-align my focus solely on myself at this time and I hope it’s understood and respected.

It’s vital to the direction that I am going.

I have amazing family and friends. I truly am fortunate and love that I have so many people that I love and that genuinely love me for who I am.

Right now, I love me so much more and the vision I am seeing is going to require me to not isolate but go along this path without communicating my plans, partnering, or doing anything that isn’t affiliated to my brand. Basically, it has to resonate to who I am.

I’m not aligned with a lot of people and that’s not a bad thing. At all. Everyone has their own things going on. It’s beautiful and it’s inspiring.

I have to focus on mine. Building Hey Kilo Cares and moving it in the direction that I need it to go.

I need to focus in on myself, My Husbands freedom, our children, and our family. Constant forces that I need to keep protected and secure.

I have to pour into my Wellness Clients and provide them with TOP TIER GUIDANCE AT THIS TIME.

I will still make and fill orders. I will no longer be offering wholesale on any items at this time.

ANY spiritual, herbal, dream work, root work, spells, herbal suggestions, anything related to Hey Kilo Cares will require a consultation.

Consultations can be scheduled right here:

If you have any questions or concerns about an order feel free to email me at

Sending an abundance of love and light to all. 💖

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