As I See It

I see the ramifications of energy clearings I’ve done paying off and it feels good to see.

I just want to continue doing Gods work. Helping peple reconnect to source from within.

We literally ALL have a blessing written with our names on it.

There is no need to envy, hate, have malice, have issue, be in competition, be at odds with others, about anything because you have your own blessing out there with your name on it. Many blessings as you begin to live and walk in your truth.

Just go get it! It’s yours: the only person in your way is YOU.

No one can take what’s yours unless you allow them to stand in your way from achieving it.

These last few weeks in solitude has let me see so much that needed direction within myself. It put into focus exactly what I should be doing.

I got so much studying done. So much field work (energy clearing) under my belt.

Just asking The Universe to continue to guide my steps.

3 years ago I set out to find myself. For most of my Adult life I looked outside of myself for acceptance and validation. I submitted myself to a lot of things that I thought were cool, a lot of choices made to please others at the detriment of my own peace of mind.

3 years ago I said enough was enough. However, old habits die hard and I found myself headed back towards a slightly different road with familiar scenery.

I began to cleanse and shed.

Release and remove.

I had to dig deeper into myself to see MYSELF my habits that I needed to release. The excuses that I kept making that were limiting me. The fears that no longer needed to exist within me. And I let them go.

A lot of the times we look to others for advice, or confirmation, knowing damn well we already know the solution.

We are fully equipped to be the realest person on a team of 1. You are your only solution. Yes, we can learn a great deal from others. Pep talks here and there are amazing and cool.

But we have too many people who do not know themselves outside of the conditioning of others and that is not ok. We have to have minds and desires and personalities of our own.

I had to sit still and remember this so that the truth of others could be revealed. So that I could see rather or not my current affiliations resonated with who I am and where I am going.

Finding your power and your light is going to illuminate a lot of others shadows and they may not be ready to face it. They will either attack you or they will look to see what it is they need to do within.

I say all that to say this, every problem you have with someone else is an issue that you need to address within yourself. Every single one. So, before you speak on anyone else about anything first check within you. I guarantee it’s something lurking their that needs a little light on it.

Don’t be ashamed of it. Analyze the trigger. Find its origination. Feel it, accept it, then release it if it no longer resonates with your higher self.

We have to stop avoiding ourselves. When our inner is still in turmoil it will reflect without.

My Journal, “As Within, So Without” is a guide to help you go within and be honest with yourself through your self discovery.

Even in our Perfection because we ARE ALL PERFECT, we can always do so readjustments.

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