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Random Thoughts/Downloads

I have no boundaries or limitations when it comes to my dreams, goals, and aspirations.

I apply firm boundaries to protect my space and my peace so that I can achieve my goals and create freely.

I haven’t lost my mind. I have lost interest in making temporary connections with people who are not of my soul tribe. Who do not resonate with my spirit.

A lot of folks I love are connected with folks I see through and I can no longer be around pretending that shits cool. It’s not. I won’t subject myself to it.

We know better, we should do better. You don’t see Lions parading around with Hyenas. Are you Scar or are you Simba?

I know how I like my tea basically. Without any extras. Same for my tribe.

I love the uniqueness of each of us and if I see your light and power I need you to see it to, boldly and brightly. Y’all be surrounding yourselves with energy drainers and I’m not going to bare witness to it.

It’s not hard to get me it’s hard to keep me around. Time is of the essence and I don’t waste my time.

Stop playing with yourselves, stop riding the fence, stand firm in your convictions, if you’re going to do it, DO IT, prepare for it NOW, trust spirit, you don’t need validation from outside sources.

You don’t need validation from outside sources.


Everything you need is WITHIN YOU ALREADY!

It’s all there! (In my Jeezy voice)

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