The Etymology of the word “sin” dates back to Greece and being a derivative of the Greek word “armatia” which in archery meant “off the mark” or “lacking”.

It originally never meant anything pertaining to ones character, lack thereof, or evil.

Lately I’ve been studying the etymology of words. Learning to be more conscientious with the words I speak and think.

To think you are forever lacking and being dependent outside of yourself for fulfillment will keep one at a constant state of need and seeking validation from outside sources for a sense of purpose that will never be filled.

You are already enough and you don’t need anything outside of yourself to connect with Source, God, Allah…. Everything you need is within you.


We walk around often feeling inadequate and it’s all based off the spells of words that we speak/think of ourselves.

Research word origins and you will literally see it for yourself. It’s going to take more than a Google and YouTube search too. I have book references if you need them.

Turn of the Century book references that they thought we would never comprehend or read. (Reading is truly fundamental.)

Truth will never be told it must be revealed. We may never know it all but we will at least with time be able to use discernment to see what resonates with our TRUE being.

I’ll never be conditioned again.

Your favorite know it all that really proves how much we really know nothing at all.

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