A Time To Rise

I finally finished a book I’ve been reading for nearly 2 years.

Not only had I been reading it, I’ve been implementing it in my life.

I have been celibate going on 3 years now. And I did this just originally because I was tired of connecting with bodies and spirits that didn’t lift me up, that didn’t shake my soul, & that didn’t align with me.

It was more-so, I was tired of feeling empty after releasing with just anyone. Rather I was in a relationship or just casually sleeping around with someone. Nothing moved me. I felt like I was wasting my time.

I vowed that my next connection would be the one. The greatest connection. And I wanted to ensure that communication, spirituality, values, integrity, loyalty, and love were secured before the physical.

I’ve been so prone to choosing the physical then double backing trying to find the other parts knowing damn well that I need the other parts more than the physical.

Sex may have been good over the years physically, but it never meant anything to me because it never was with someone that met me at a higher, cosmic, level. I sold myself short. I always ended feeling inadequate and feeling nothing. It became routine.

Like riding a bike, it was something that I just knew how to do. Temporary fulfillment. My soul demanded more.

And until I found more, a deeper soul tie, I didn’t want it. I didn’t want to have sex.

Everyone laughed at me. People may read these words and not believe me. I don’t care. I know who I am and what I am and I took a stance and said I was done. I was absolutely over pointless, meaningless, non vibrational sex.

I have never felt more mentally free in my life.

We don’t even realize how energetic sex is. How depleting it is on a energetic level. Sex is such an animalistic urge and desire we get so caught up in. Lost in the want and primal need of it. Not realizing that every time we “cum” we lose so much of our essence.

Soul ties are real. Every time you allow someone to ejaculate into you a large part of their release is things they are battling and when I realized that I know longer wanted to be a cum dump for peoples traumas that I didn’t even know. (Condom on or off.) it’s still a energetic release and there’s no sexual protection from Energy. It is what it is. 

You gone receive everything they energetically give within that field.

Depression, anxiety, pain, suffering. You’re going to feel it all after the high of the fucking is done.

Then lastly you feel shame. Hell got to a point I only felt numb. Like a drug high that came down. Chasing the next high just to be thrown down into despair time and time and time again.

I wanted no further parts of it.

Then I started studying within my sexual hiatus. I started reading all types of things. Then Clubhouse came about and I stumbled in a group where Dr. Phillip True was speaking and he said something so profound that evening. He said, “Women you are God and you hold more power within you than you know. Sex shouldn’t be more than for procreating and you wonder why you are lost.”

He told us to read, “God-Man: The Word Made Flesh” by George W. Carey. I’ve been reading and living that book in conjunction with the word for the last 2 years.

Took me 34 years to finally feel alive.

I am not perfect and I have a lot of inner work I’m still actively doing. However, I am a firm believer in energy exchange through sex. I am a firm believer in you don’t need a middle man to connect to God/Source.

If the truth we’re truly revealed and implemented there would be no mental anguish or suffering in our minds. We would be authentically free.

I’ll end this by saying I hope you all find your true Soul-Mate and truly find the power of love and the true art of sexual liberation/sex magic/ sexual elevation with the person you are meant to love and create new life with.

From someone who has previously turned a block or two it’s so much more to life than laying with people who don’t hold your heart, mind, or soul and treat it delicately. Energy zappers ain’t worth it yall!

I’ll leave this video that explains the Rising of The Christ seed that lives in each of us. It is REAL.

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