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I have seen a lot.

Feel a lot too.

I’m at a place now where I can’t afford to tell people things and they don’t take heed.

I don’t want to force or speak to people about things unless they are ready. And I’ll know when they are ready to hear it.

A lot of people are stuck in habits and stuck in connections with folks that are draining their energy.

Out of some false sense of obligation and history.

It pains me to see it so I’m choosing to stay back knowing how much I love the hell out of these people.

But you know, some things we have to see and endure for ourselves. There are some fears that we have to eliminate and get through on our own.

I’ll never come between people. I can’t. I honestly don’t have the desire to. Honestly it’s not about me. This is their lesson to learn regardless if I already see the end result or not.

Ask yourself if where you are is where you need to be? Are you at your best? Are you empowered or are you depending on others to be powerful? Are you happy? Are you full of energy around them or do you feel like your energy drains?

Trust your GUT, find yourself, and follow your TRUE heart and not that pump in your chest.

Elevate and reconnect and find your true heart.

There is one seat at a table you’ve been longing to sit at and it’s finally available to you but you’re too afraid to take it because there’s no room for your homies….

Think beyond that.

It may not be room for them right now. May not ever be but think of all the tables you can create just from this one seat ALONE.


Y’all be afraid to move without crowds and that’s the problem!

If you have anyone on your team that gets bothered by you doing your own thing THAT IS A PROBLEM.

Sometimes it requires you to GO YOUR WAY to pave a way and you shouldn’t be afraid to let go of folks in fear of them thinking you’re acting funny.

With all respect forget them and go live your dreams.

Please. Your blessing is waiting on YOU NOT YA’LL!

Sometimes you’re the actual leader of the TEAM and y’all not going anywhere because you have the wrong person playing “Chief” and they shouldn’t be. And you know it but you be too afraid to go against the dynamic.

I say all that to say some of y’all gone “bro”, “sis”, “squad”, “crew”, “tribe” yourselves into destruction if you don’t learn the VALUE of being SOVEREIGN.

People not acting funny or weird because they are distancing themselves from you. They are declaring their sovereignty.

You don’t resonate to sovereign energy because your too fixated on team and the false ideal that being too focused on self is “selfish”. It’s not. We don’t need more tribes we need more FREE THINKERS TO CHALLENGE THIS FACADE OF A REALITY. Shits too cliche. Things keep going in circles because we doing it all wrong.

Sovereignty doesn’t resonate to your conditioned flow or mentality and until you assert your own sovereignty you’ll forever take anyone’s emancipation wrong.

Moral of the story is it’s not always about you when it comes to other people. Make yourself a damn priority to yourself.

You’re greater for your “team” being a SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL.

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