I don’t have a tribe.

I’m surrounded by sovereign men and women who are not afraid to BE themselves, challenge themselves to BE greater than their own limitations, to challenge those around them to be GREATER than what they’ve been conditioned to be.

You are what you indulge in.

You are your surroundings.

But, you can make a change.

Only you have that power.

Do you conform and stay entrapped in comfort?

Or do you evolve and shake your world up by trusting your gut instinct, removing all doubt or fear, releasing comfort, removing the attachments to people who you think may love you but are really limiting you from your true power?

A lot of you have been weakened by affiliations with others that have caused you to be dormant. You are what you surround yourself around.

You feel it. I don’t have to say it you already feel it. You’re just too rooted in obligation to admit it to yourselves. Too docile in loyalty in vain. If they loved you they’d want to see your power be fruitful. They’d want to see you at your highest.

You have to love you enough to find your own power and grow within it. Love yourself enough to break free of all attachments and limitations you have comfortably placed yourselves in.

Community is nothing when you’re not truly coming as you are. In all your glory.

Trust Thyself by truly knowing thyself.

You can’t afford to lay still any longer.

Go within.

use to want recognition. I wanted to be accepted. I wanted people to see me as I was. I wanted Community.

Now all I want to do is just BE.

At times that means be left alone. Other times that means to be in the presence of others who have no ulterior motives who are comfortable just being themselves and not being more than what they are because they are already powerful and enough.

Who don’t need to mute themselves to fit in.

Who don’t have to pretend.

I’m so grateful that I don’t have to mute myself to fit in. I go where I choose. I connect where I want.

I am who I am. I use to say this often but I didn’t really know the magnitude of the words.

Now I am. I do.

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