Be Kind

Depression and Anxiety isn’t an emotional switch that someone can switch on or off.

It’s a chemical imbalance within your system in addition to life circumstances.

Anything can trigger someone to have an episode.

The most anyone can do to not aid to someone’s pain is to just BE KIND.

It really doesn’t hurt you to be KIND to folks.

You don’t need to know someone’s story. You don’t need to know folks. You can just be kind.

A lot of y’all just don’t see how your words and behaviors can be triggering to folks.

I see folks every day that I know have anxiety and depression still act unkind to others online and that’s not cool.

Vibrate the same grace and love that you want reciprocated to you.

Adaptogenic Herbs can help mitigate stress in your body so look into those. Some of my faves are Nettles, Ashwagandha, Maca, and Lavender.

Alteratives Herbs help to eliminate toxins from the body through supporting the waste system through purification. (Liver & Kidneys) Some of my favorite alteratives are Nettle (multiple herbal actions for nettle), Burdock Root, Red Clover, and Dandelion Root.

Nervines support not only the nervous system but also the digestive system which is CONTROLLED by the Nervous System. There’s no coincidence when you are stressed why you aren’t hungry. Your nerves are directly affecting your digestion.

My favorite Nervines are Lemon Balm, Peppermint. chamomile, Catnip (yes humans can ingest catnip and it’s soothing), and Skullcap in moderation.

Mother wort is a really good one for anyone that experiences menopause, fibroids, and painful menstrual cycles.

These herbs I have highlighted are featured in most of my herbal products.

I am a dedicated Herbalist that studies around the clock to ensure that I am providing accurate herbal guidance to those in my community.

I’m that serious. And I will hold YOU accountable for your healing. That means you have to be ready for my guidance. I will not coddle you. Your health is directly reflective of your choices dietary, stressors, and habits.

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