It’s In You, Not on you

Seriously if you haven’t realized you gone have to sit completely in your individuality this year, be ok being alone, and realize that your only healing and redemption comes from within you.


It’s dangerous to be codependent on ANYTHING OR ANYONE ELSE for your HEALING.

Stand for something or fall for anything.

You have to go within so that you can trust your OWN intuition, your OWN judgement, your OWN inner guidance system when it comes to your OWN SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.

You got to take some accountability and action in your OWN life or you’re going to fall in line with just any ol body.

This year is going to be heavy on you not wanting or needing advice from others.

I don’t even ASK people for advice anymore or go to them to vent.


Took a lot of uncomfortableness to get here! A lot of facing my fears and pain to get here and I have never felt more FREE IN MY LIFE.

To not have to fit in or conform to any of y’all’s ideals of what “right” or “honorable” or “acceptable” looks or feels like.

Whew I wish this peace on everyone.

You have all you need within you. Stop depending on ANYTHING outside of you for HEALING.

This is NOT downing therapy, coaches, or herbalist, or even religious ideals. Those things, IF YOU CHOOSE THEM, are absolutely AMAZING to have along your spiritual journey.

I’m speaking in the context of you choosing these things without first checking in to your OWN inner guidance system. Basically just following the crowd but not really trusting yourself, researching, or whatever.

When you do this and things don’t go your way then you attempt to RIDICULE SPIRITUALITY because it wasn’t working for you.

It’s not a faucet that we turn on and off. This is LIFE. This is the real reality. And ALL of the time, THE UNIVERSE ISNT WORKING IN YOUR FAVOR Because you aren’t being AUTHENTIC in your ENERGY!

It’s not going off the mask you wear! It’s not moved by that mask that your peers see and fuck with. It’s adhering to the REAL YOU! That’s why it’s not working in your favor! And honestly, it really is working you’re just not GETTING THE MESSAGE BECAUSE YOU’RE STILL IN DENIAL! That’s things you got to work through so that you can start your healing/shadow work within so that you CAN BE MORE ALIGNED.

Be more intentional with your life and your choices. It is DANGEROUS to allow others to dictate your life for you. It’s DANGEROUS to be so dependent on Angel messages from any and everybody like you don’t have the capability to connect with God and hear these messages on your own! It’s called UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS BECAUSE WE ALL ARE CAPABLE!

Animals hear it TOO! That’s how they know to prepare for storms, how to get out of danger. They have natural instinct that we’ve been so conditioned out of.

I’m not any better than you! You can get here too! It’s in you TOO! This intuition. This gift. You have it to.

If your spiritual advisors aren’t ahowing you the way to connect on your own and are expecting or requiring you to be solely dependent on THEM FOR YOUR HEALING and they are GAMING YOU!!!!

Honestly they are no better than the churches y’all despise.

Anyone can take anything out of context and use it for their own agenda. You got to be weary! Or you’ll suck yourselves into some shit that will energetically drain you.

Be careful out here and be aware.

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