Random Thoughts

Energy doesn’t disappear it just transfers.

You really can’t hide from the things that you feel within.

Somehow, someway it will manifest in your life as long as it goes unchecked.

You have to go within and through your pain. You have to face it.

Somehow, someway.

Rather that’s through therapy, counseling, group therapy, shadow work, or coaching. Or all of thee above.

It’s ok to not be ok. Regardless of how folks try to shame folks for not being ok I’m letting you know it’s ok to be vulnerable.

It’s ok for you to BE.

There’s a duality in life and we have to find balance within.

Our childhood traumas that we don’t face cause A LOT of issues in our adult lives today.

And it’s up to us to see the triggers and get the help.

This is why Grace is important from EVERYONE around you. If they lack it get away from them.

I swear I do not shame anyone cutting me off if I distrust their peace because I will not hesistate releasing anyone for my peace of mind.

Every day we dealing with unlearning habits and shit that we need to get through to be BETTER.

Battling triggers is not a game. And until you tackle them and battle them they will continue to trouble you and keep you captive.

We have to feel our emotions, understand ourselves, and heal and learn how to cope with our pain in a sense.

Evolving means living, loving, and accepting yourself for everything that you are.

You don’t have to be nothing less or nothing more to be loved and accepted by YOURSELF.

You’re already enough.

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