Let’s Talk Herbal Actions

This week is all about Herbal Actions!

This week I want to discuss Herbal Actions of plants & herbs.

One plant could have hundreds of herbal actions!

What are Herbal Actions you say? Well Herbal Actions breakdown the plants healing properties. Basically advising what each plant does to help support the body.

Let’s take Calendula for example. Calendula is known to help heal and nourish damaged tissue of the skin as well as to heal throat pain due to being Anti Inflammatory. Anti Inflammatory is one of Calendulas Herbal Actions.

In addition to it being Anti Inflammatory, it also has Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Immunostimulating, Antibacterial, and considered having antioxidant qualities. Yes that one plant holds all that power. And it’s not alone.

Many plants have so many Herbal Actions.

This week we will get into a few plants and their Herbal Actions.

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Adaptogenic Herbs

There’s no secret, my favorite Herbal Action and herbs that fall within it are Adaptogenic Herbs!

And these herbs do exactly what they say.

Adaptogens help the body to adapt to stress through support of the Endocrine System.

The Endocrine System governs the glands that secrete hormones from the pineal gland to your ovaries/testes. This complex hormonal messaging system controls your hormones, regulates metabolism (thyroids), mood, tissue growth/function, and development.

If one gland is out of function it then puts the rest of the system into OVERDRIVE causing not only issues to the production of the Endocrine System but your entire body! Directly affecting the Nervous, Digestive, Reproductive, and Immune System.

Adaptogens help to support and restore functions to the Endocrine System and I am a FIRM BELIEVER TO THIS as in 2009 I was diagnosed to Hyperthyroidism which progressed to Graves Disease.

With the help and steady support of my Endocrinologist , through diet and adaptogenic herbs I was able to get back to a healthy thyroid level.

Herbs are HEALING and can help support you on a cellular level.

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