Less Caffeine, More Mud Water


Do you drink caffeinated products daily?

How about multiple times throughout the day?

Do you realize how damaging that could be to your liver?

Let’s talk about the importance of our liver shall we.

Having a healthy functioning liver means that you have a healthy functioning blood pump that we know as the heart. (Our real HEART is our Cerebellum. But that’s a whole other conversation.)

The liver purifies the blood, creates vitamins that nourishes our blood which then nourishes our organs/entire body, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, filters toxins from the blood stream, keeps blood from clotting and prevents muscles from tremoring, and sooo much more.

Healthy skin, hair, nails, eye health can all benefit from the state of our liver health. My optometrist can always tell if something is wrong with a client through the eyes. It’s how he looks for signs of possible cancer of the liver. He told me he has saved plenty of lives by early detection by way of the eyes.

The liver is very crucial to our vitality and every day we play Russian Roulette with it. By not nourishing it and giving it things that are harmful and cause the liver to overwork itself to the point of no return.

What are we giving it? Not enough water for damn sure and waaaayyyyy too much caffeine.

It always amazes me that the legal addictive drugs, like caffeine, are the ones that everyone is addicted to truly believe that they do no harm and they really do. If you drink something DAILY, like we all at some point have drank caffeine products DAILY, it becomes a tonic. And what do tonics do? They support the body. How supportive do you think sugary caffeinated drinks are to your body? Thus the saying, “You are what you eat.”

It’s not supportive at all in fact, it’s quite harmful. Not only does it raise your sugar levels of your blood, it’s harmful to your liver, kidneys, skin, and lymph. Too much sugar in the system can also shut down your immune response and make it easier for harmful pathogens to enter our body. Definitely not needed in this current health epidemic.

Caffeine is a type of alkaloid and alkaloids are a very powerful plant constituent. Another type of alkaloid and one of the first alkaloids created is morphine. YES, caffeine is like a distant cousin to morphine. Would you drink morphine daily? Of course not you wouldn’t live to tell about it.

Too much caffeine consumption has been linked to multiple disorders such as fertility issues in women, increased blood pressure, irritability caused by caffeine withdrawal, headaches, miscarriages, calcium deficiency in the bones, overgrowth of candida, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, GERD, and so much more.

Now there are benefits to caffeine when utilized in moderation such as cancer prevention of the mouth and throat. But you can do that with a nice healthy glass of mud water too.

Now granted, Coffee and Soda taste good. Well I don’t like Soda anymore but at one point I did but I get it. The key is enjoying these things in moderation not every day. Especially not multiple times throughout the day. I won’t lie. Caramel Macchiatos are my weakness. Though I haven’t had one in sooooo long. About a year or so now. Because, I’m so in love with Mud Water.

Why do I love Mud Water soooo much. Well, because one it’s delicious. Two it’s nutritious. Three is supports not only your Nervous system but also you Digestive, Endocrine, and Immune system.

Mud Water is an adaptogenic tonic that mitigates stress, helps with memory and cognitive function, and has the same effects of a cup of coffee without giving you the shits and shakes, as I like to reference my bouts with coffee. It always gave me the shits and shakes. It’s also not going to have you fiending and actually helps to rebalance your system naturally so that you never become codependent on it for energy. It naturally boost energy that’s more sustaining in a sense. I don’t have to drink Mud Water daily, not even weekly.

Check out my Mud Water today!

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