People will have a lot to say about you.

What you do right.

What you do wrong.

If you’re authentic.

If you’re fake.

If you’re real.

If you matter.

They’ll say all that and guess what.

It doesn’t matter.

They can’t live your life.

They can’t stop any blessings from reaching your hands.

They may halt a blessing but if it’s yours it’ll find it’s way to you!

Hell if they are talking about you to someone else guess what?! That sparks curiosity within that other person about you and they’ll connect with you and make magic! Trust me this happens to me quite often.

They can’t take your joy or peace unless you allow them to.

What people say about you DOES NOT MATTER.

What matters is how you feel about yourself.

At times when things rub me wrong that’s said about me I evaluate WHY their words hurt. It’s actually freeing to see yourself at times through the eyes of others. It helps you grow as an individual.

All criticism isn’t bad. Sometimes it helps to elevate you as well.

That however is for you to decide.

No one can tell YOU how you ARE. Not even those clinically trained. They can have an opinion but it’ll never be your truth.

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