Everyone has Divine Right.

They don’t need to come through you or me, or anyone to connect.

The goal during the Age of Aquarius is to lead the way through example & service.

Not further continuing these codependent programs a lot of healers and religious advisors have been doing.

That’s not liberation. That’s not encouraging free thinkers.

And that’s what we need people who consistently challenge the status quo.

Not yes men. Not people so desperate for you to save them.

We need to be honest with folks and let them know their salvation starts within.

You got to face you. And here are some solid resources that’ll help you along the way in no particular order:

  1. Therapy
  2. Meditation
  3. Yoga
  4. Shadow Work
  5. Grounding
  6. Nature
  7. Diet
  8. Lifestyle Changes
  9. Changing who you are around (your circle gone become a DOT!) and being ok with this adjustment. Trust me it’s going to be ok. You need the period of being alone to truly see yourself and your role in shit. To truly take accountability.

You’re not going to be able to lack accountability anymore.

You’re not going to be able to blame everyone else and not see where you contribute to your own pain and suffering.

This is how you ascend, within yourself. You don’t need me you need YOU.

This is the main thing I push in my intentional wellness coaching. People have to realize that our actions, habits, codependency, and the excuses we make is extremely detrimental to our spiritual, mental, and physical well being.

It’s like we get so comfortable eating, drinking, smoking and hanging with negative folks out of habit. Really wanting to adjust but so used to it that we continue on KNOWING that gut feeling Aint feeling it anymore.

You got to see why you stay attached to certain things, places, people, and behaviors? Why do you think you are below RISING ABOVE FOR YOU? Why do you feel like this can’t happen for you? Why are you doubtful of yourself?

It can happen for you if you let it.

I see a lot of black men experiencing this. And it’s rubbing off on these young black boys. Seeing the Adult Men in their lives making the same mistakes of their Fathers.

Continuing on with this psychological war fare. More women, more shinny things, more hustle, running yourself tired. Not taking care of your temple. Not taking care of your mind and what you indulge in. Drinking and eating things that is damaging to your essence and keeping your kundalini from rising.

I see a lot of black women codependent on others. Doubting themselves. Latching on the every word of people post (including my own) without declaring their own sovereignty. Falling for the okie doke. Desperate for connections because you’re wanting to find someone that moves and thinks how you feel not trusting that all they need is validation from within. Stop questioning how you feel. Accept it and open yourself up for understanding.

I want people to read and research for themselves.

I’ll KEEP recommending God-Man: The Word Made Flesh to folks. Especially our people for the rest of my life.

You want liberation it starts within.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.

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