Aries comes to play March 21st through April 21st.

Capricorns are not the first sign of the zodiac. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t equally important, all of them are.

The New Year technically doesn’t begin until the Spring and with it, on that 21st day of month, the actual first sign of the zodiac comes into place.


The Zodiac is truly a representation of the physiological connection of our bodies to the Cosmos.

The Aries governs the head/brain and are great thinkers, innovators, and really have no time or patience to dwell on things that aren’t of higher logical standards.

The Optic Thalamus is the Aries Planet of Man.

Those of the sign Aries could benefit a great deal of learning how to sit still and meditate to truly elevate their levels of consciousness.

If they don’t, they will suffer tremendously from nervous system issues, such as anxiety.

Society will have Aries thinking it is important for them to be constantly on the go but in all actuality while doing is important for them, and the greater good of all, it’s EVEN MORE IMPORTANT that Aries have moments where they are to themselves, within themselves, and doing nothing at all but recharging. If you don’t you get easily angered, annoyed and suffer from headaches or anxiety attacks.

We need your great minds razor sharp and able to see the bigger picture at all times.

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