Eye Open

We fell from consciousness so long ago we really don’t know how to reconnect and get aligned. Thousands of years ago.

It’s going to take more than reiki.

It’s going to take more than Sage and crystals.

It’s going to take more than loc’n your hair and going vegan.

Sex magic is going to keep you in this 3d lower dimension because theirs absolutely nothing physical about RISING ABOVE and RECONNECTING through anything outside of yourself.

God is waiting and been waiting.

It’s going to take a level of discipline that a lot of us are just not able to FEEL or GRASP or BELIEVE. To selfish and conditioned to do anything outside of what we think we know.

We really know nothing.

But there are people who have walked it and are walking amongst many dimensions.

Shadow work will prepare you but to get back to our Higher Selves and to see us in every form, density, and truly connect with the one true God it’s going to take unlearning everything you think you know.

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