The Truth Will Set You Free Though

If the truth were really revealed to us, which honestly, a lot of it has been….

You wouldn’t believe it because your mind refuses to allow the truth to be revealed.

You’re more comfortable being in denial.

The truth would reveal that you are more in control or at fault in regards to your life and your fate than you’re willing to accept.

That the solution to it all has been within you all along. And that’s going to discredit absolutely everything you know.

A lot of people right now can’t handle that reality.

That the only saving is going to come through your awareness of self and balance.

It’s too hard facing yourself. It’s easier to point fingers and to lay your sins down to be forgiven.

Sins don’t need forgiveness they need acknowledgment, the need understanding, they need to be seen and felt so that they can be remedied. Because they often are attached to habits, deep pain, and trauma that you are attempting to suppress.

To forget.

And you can’t forget it. It will always manifest somewhere in your life some kind of way.

You have to heal those wounds.

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