Facebook Had the RIGHT ONE TODAY

As of today I am no longer on Facebook. I can’t deal with it anymore. The censoring is RIDICULOUS. I for one speak nothing but positive and uplifting things and I’m constantly suspended. Where I see folks that have extremely negative platforms NEVER have to go through that.

Not to mention the over sexualization all over it. Like but I’m suspended because I say on a Black Woman’s post that’s body shaming another black woman, “That we are the worst when it comes to each other as Black Women and we need to do better.” That goes against community standards???? But her BODY SHAMING gets over 3k shares and comments!?

So yes, as of today I will no longer be on Facebook or Messenger. I know that Instagram is an affiliate and soon it’ll be GONE TOO. I just want WORD OF MOUTH SALES.

Any vending events I do moving from here on out are through intention and limited. I want sales to come through my FACEBOOK.

People can speak for me and refer me and I am DILIGENTLY working on a referral program for my loyal customers.

It’s been real Social Media but I’m over it. The few family that I do keep in contact with no how to reach me.

Other than that I’ll see you all around.

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