Conclusion but Herbal Actions Are Never Over

I hope I’ve sparked your curiosity into Herbs and their Herbal Actions with these blogs. While I would LOVE to get into each of the many herbal actions that plants have, I myself, don’t have the time.

I wanted to highlight a few of the actions that I work with in regards to some of my favorite herbs that I make my products with. As well as introduce my products to my readers.

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So, as I bring this series to conclusion, I want you to know that me speaking on herbs, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, ONENESS, and all things intentional will not end here. I’m only just beginning. It’s funny how everything just fuses together right? Just like the Universe has been, ALL ALONG, running in connection with all living things that exist, our minds at some point stop working against the great all and find our place within the structure.

That is where I am now. Who knew it would take some herbs, crystals, a few books, some shadow work, and wires to get me here. But here I am. Well connected and truly ready to help others go within and find themselves and their place. I had my very first intentional coaching review and she rated me as being extremely helpful and passionate about what it is that I say and do. I live this.

I’m absolutely grateful to be a beacon of hope and light to others.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the final 3 herbal actions. Again there are at least 30+ herbal actions so PLEASE look into them. Look into these herbs that I have listed, look into your body systems and how the operate as ONE and see if anything seems likely to assist you on your health and wellness journey. Per usual, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at


I drink a herbal tonic EVERY DAY. Tonic herbs help to tone, strengthen, and provide support to our ENTIRE body. From our bones, tissues, blood, organs, ALLOFIT! Tonic herbs tend to focus on one key organ or area of the body, but there are certain herbs that still have multiple herbal actions, case scenario, NETTLES. You guys knew I was going to say it. Lol Nettles is EVERYTHING! It’s not only an alterative, it has diuretic, tonic, adaptogenic actions as well! It’s really an all around multivitamin that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE.

Other Tonic herbs include the following:

Reishi – For the Immune System

Hawthorne- For blood pressure/Cardiovascular System

Red Raspberry Leaf – For Women’s Health aka UTERUS / PMS SYSTEM RELIEVER BABY

Tulsi – For Nervous System

Dandelion Root – For Digestion/Kidneys/Liver/Skin ALLOFEM


Stimulants do just what they say. They stimulate a physiological response to our systems and their organs to perform the task they are supposed to do. Think of them as your organs Supervisors. “Hey Liver, are you sleeping on the job? REALLY?! Here’s some Burdock & Cayenne Pepper to spice some shit up in your life buddy!”

But there are stimulants that help with specific things and here a few of my faves!

Cayenne Pepper – Circulatory System Stimulant

Yerba Mate – Nervous System Stimulant

Cordyceps – Immune/Nervous/Digestive (I really need to do a blog on tying these systems together because they work hand and hand with each other.)

Yarrow – Circulatory System

Coffee Beans but do not overdo it with coffee ya’ll! Too much is every day and it can have adverse effects with chronic use over time.


Anything that’ll have you detoxing correctly falls under Hepatic Herbs. Not the detoxing that’ll have you shitting and running to the bathroom like a horse running from a glue truck either.


Hepatic herbs support and maintain a healthy liver and it’s functions. Bitter and hepatoprotective herbs are considered to be hepatics.

A few Hepatic herbs are:



Turmeric (told you herbs can have MANY herbal actions.)

This concludes my little brief blog on herbal actions and the herbs. Let me know if this mini series has sparked your curiosity in anyway?

What are some other topics you’d like me to discuss?

Email me and let me know.

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