Acceptance & Accountability

Something that helps me not take things personally is accepting that something bothers me to begin with.

I ask myself, “Why does this bother me so much?”

Most of the time it’s all in my head. I check it and I let it go.

I go read or meditate or something.

If it’s something that is still bothering me I find the root cause.

A lot of the issues we have with others is more than likely something stemming from your past.

You amplify the issue because it triggers that response from you.

They probably haven’t done much but just reminded you of something you’ve once experienced and hadn’t healed from.

Nevertheless, it’s not them, it’s you.

You have to do that work within.

This is something I practice any time something or someone bothers me.

Sometimes the issue is me.

Sometimes the issue isn’t an issue but a connection that is fading.

Either way never take it personal just learn from the experience. Don’t ignore it. Find your role within it. And move past it.

It’s so much growth in acceptance and accountability.

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