Do You!

You can’t worry about how people perceive you.

You can’t worry about folks thinking you “changing your mind on something” makes you seem hypocritical.

You’re talking about people who don’t even attempt to do anything out of fear of failing.

I went back to school it wasn’t for me, I dropped out.

Ive tried to make numerous of products and items and failed and wasted a ton of money.

I went to hair school, excelled doing it, then realized it wasn’t for me.

I’ve done keto, vegan diet, low carb, you name it! Tried it all and realized I liked them all lol. If next week I want to be plant based I WILL. Tomorrow I want steak? I WILL GET IT.

And next week if I decide to be plant based I’m going to say to whoever, I’m not eating meat this week and I don’t care if they roll their eyes or not.

I AM ME!!!!

I do what’s best for ME!

And I’m not afraid of getting ridiculed. Y’all opinions don’t give me a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out.

I am not going to NOT attempt something based off your agreements that you have to yourself.

There are no limitations when it comes to how I want to live MY LIFE.

Be intentional to you. Stop living for the validation of others you’ll find yourself not living at all.

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