Embrace Ego, Don’t let it Lead. Find Balance

You have to embrace your ego and your shadow and absolutely every aspect of who you are to truly find balance. How else can you truly and completely see yourself if you are suppressing parts of you that make you, YOU. That make you unique. Some aspects of our ego are necessary just like there are aspects of our shadow selves needed to truly find freedom.

You either really believe in what you’re doing. What you are creating or you are working against your true self.

Do what breathes fire into your being and your essence.

Herbalism has changed my life, my heart, my mind for the better. It’s been a journey that has truly made me a better Human, Woman, Wife, Mother, and every other title that I fall under.

It has renewed something within me that I thought had died when I was a child, hope. I have renewed hope in not only myself but within the World. This “new age” as folks keep referring to the higher awakened spiritualist that are emerging during this time has been widely prophesized from many religious and theological text. “God-Man The Word Made Flesh”, “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”, and even Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. hints at a massive higher awakening within Humanities minds. It’s written on walls in Ancient Egyptian temples, even in caves that are sacred and protected by the Dogon Tribe of Africa. Like this Age of Aquarius is doing exactly as the prophecies have said. Resurrecting. A new coming, New life. Rebirths are happening all around us.

People are finding that true God’s essence within themselves and reconnecting to the one true power of source energy. Furthermore, people are realizing the importance of taking note and doing better about our carbon footprints in this World, taking into consideration the damages we have done, attempting to remedy it just by acknowledging is a step in the right direction.

We are ONE with the Universe, absolutely ONE with all things living. All things living has the primary elements that come together to form life, how or why we ever thought we were the superior beings is absolutely beyond me. EVERYTHING LIVING IN GOD’S WORLD IS SUPERIOR AND IN THEE’S IMAGE. And we should do better at respecting this fact and showing love to Mother Earth as much as possible.

Herbalism led me here. Creating crystal jewelry and learning about the chakras to make sense of the stones led me hear. And while being here I’ve met and encountered so many on this journey who have breathed new life into me.

Most importantly on this journey I have truly met my true self. NO gimmick. No move for power play. No imposter. Just pure trust of my intuition, true alignment with myself. So much so that I am able to check myself quickly if I’m stepping back into roles that aren’t truly speaking to me or aligned with my purpose. Things I never knew about me I now know.

And everything just makes soooo much more sense. Self checking yourself has to be the HIGHEST FORM OF SELF LOVE that I have EVER experienced. And if I was still ego led, which trust me is something that we will tackle for the rest of our lives, I would never be able to self check myself!

And the Universe has subtle ways of checking you too. Being oblivious and lost in the World you wouldn’t see a lot of these universal signs and messages. Sitting still has helped me tremendously see things that I would never see before.

One main thing I’ve been overcoming is not feeling like I am enough which until the other day I didn’t realize was connected or tied to my anxiety. But it is. Took for me to see a random series of memes breaking it down and it rattled me cause literally five minutes before I saw it I was feeling down in the dumps as if I just wasn’t enough or doing enough.

The Universe said, “Aht, Aht boo. Simmer down, chill. It’s all in your mind.” A lot of the times that’s all it is. Things in our mind, that negative voice trying to keep us from greatness which really isn’t much but our own self inflicted fears.

What helps me to silence the inner noise is meditation. In complete silence too. Yoga daily, morning and night. Journaling. And just speaking with intention about everything. Clearly communicating my feelings. If I find myself too angered or riled up I’m finding new ways to identify the WHY.

Self checking is one of the most important aspects of spiritual elevation that I don’t think we spend enough time emphasizing! But it’s the greatest gift that I have acquired on this journey. It helps me not take anything as personally as my ego would have me. If that makes sense.

I know someone feels me. Til later.

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