How Hey Kilo Cares Started

I’ve been doing hair for as long as I remember. Seriously, I was like 7 and had clients coming that was my Mother’s age, her friends, to get their hair done. Rather it was straw sets, twisties, finger waves, crimps, relaxers, ends trimming, I was on it!

The Hair Store literally gave me the fuel to ignite my passions. It’s where Hey Kilo Cares was born.

I loved it. Hair was everything but it was really the conversations and the connections. I learned a lot being behind the chair for all those years.

In 2010 I went ahead and enrolled in hair school while taking a series of losses in my life. I loss the guy I was dating (as I should have), my home, my job, my car, my MIND, and I just needed to do something. I never knew how to braid on the scalp but one day in despair I cried out to God and said, “Lord if I learn how to braid I will enroll back in hair school.”

For a week, I sat on the couch with my youngest son at the time, Micah, and taught myself how to braid hair in 7 days. I enrolled in Hair School that following Monday. House of Heavilin because it was the closest to a bus line because I didn’t have anything.

24 at House of Heavilin Beauty College in KC.

I was 24 years old, a single Mother of two young boys and I had nothing to show for. Just my determination and will not to give in or give up. I begged my Mom to move in with her to her new townhome on the West side of KC and of course, with irritation she let me and the boys move in. She wasn’t going to see her grandbabies on the streets, and even though it was a test of her will because at the time we didn’t get along, she let me in. I owe her everything for that.

We slept on a pallet on the floor for months. But every day I was up, getting them ready, taking them to daycare on the Metro. Rain, sleet, or snow. Not one day missed. I was determined. I kept telling myself every day that being this low, being this down, I will never EVER take anything for granted once I achieve what it is I am going for.

I worked my ass off. I was on welfare and doing hair on the side for the low just to get by. You never heard me complain about anything. And while in hair school I kept out of the ruckus. I spoke life into anyone I could while there because a lot of the younger ones there and some older ones would need the extra push or advise just to keep going.

I was loved by all there. Respected. And I had love for them all. Finally a month earlier than expected in the Summer of 2011, I graduated. It was the happiest day of my life at the time. I got me a car, started my first gig at a salon, and it’s been nothing but up since then.

I’ve still had many trials and tribulations since then. A divorce led me to being on my own again and needing to pick up additional work. I had since let hair go as the primary source of income but still did it on the side. Hair will always be my first love, but not something that I would only want to do. I wanted more.

While working part time at beauty supply store I was able to really get into ingredients of hair and body products. A lot of things on the shelves are extremely toxic. For years I made my own hair oils, rice water, and soaps here and there. Body butters you name it. Jewelry too. Just for myself though. People would come in the store and be like your hair is so beautiful. Your earrings, or necklace is beautiful. Your skin just glowing what do you use?

When I would tell them it was stuff I made, they’d be like, “Do you sell it?” The answer was always no. I never imagined selling it. One day after a long lengthy conversation with one of my favorite Customer’s she challenged me and made me rethink my stance on not starting my own business selling the very things I loved to make and use on myself.

Why not?

That same night I told my Co-Worker, one day my products are going to be on these shelves.

And that night Hey Kilo Cares was formulated. I resigned from the part time gig and I haven’t looked back.

It started with my blog. I’ve always been a writer. Always. For as long as I can remember I loved writing poems, stories, raps, you name it. From there it went into my love of herbs and teas and I created the line of jewelry and tea. Last but never least I incorporated the hair and body line and just as of today, I’ve released my Bulk Herbs to the website.

My goal for Hey Kilo Cares is to be your one stop shop location to come and get everything you need that’s holistic and guaranteed to be made with non toxic ingredients that will help support your WHOLEness. Your entire being. Mind, body, and spirit.

I’ve come a very long way. I am sooo proud of myself. The journey has been a long one and I still have some mountains to climb. But I am dedicated to this.

My Sis Dash told me the other day that she loves how when I say I’m going to do it I do it. It may take me forever but I will get it done.

Bulk Herbs are now available. ->

I say that to say that your blessings are yours. I don’t care how many people are doing it, how many people are doubting you, I don’t care. DO THAT SHIT! Do everything that fills you up and brings you joy.

I’m going to keep on shining!

It can be a million people doing it but guess what, that’s their blessings and way. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN! Do it and do it well! Make your mark!

Set yourself apart and be at peace doing it.

The World needs your light too!

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