Simple Sisterhood Etiquette

Simple Sisterhood Etiquette:

• Yes, ya’ll may have fallen out.

But that’s between YOU AND HER!!!! Not everyone else you are mutually connected to!!!!

• Ya’ll don’t have to jeff with other women you dislike or feel some type of way about.

But you can be cordial. If they speak, speak. Just be pleasant it really doesn’t hurt. They not pulling your cards. They are just being polite.

• You don’t have to be bestfriends with another woman you don’t resonate with at all.

But you don’t have to talk down on her either. If someone compliments her near you, you do not have to frown your face or give your opinion of her no one asked you for!

Let people gather their own feelings about other women because all you’re really doing is upping someone’s interest in regards to the person you’re bashing.

When people tell me unwanted stuff about people they dislike the FIRST thing my mind says is, “I wonder what has you so bothered by this person that I don’t even know.”

I SWEAR TO YOU most of it be inner jealousy EVERYTIME! And that’s something you as an individual gotta get through! That’s no ones job but YOURS!

• You can cheer for those you don’t care for.

• You can support them still even if you don’t care for them. You can refer them because yeah, you know at the END OF THE DAY they are COLD at what they do and you can send customers their way because at the end of the day their work ethics and their personality has nothing to do with you and is moreso rooted in inner issues that you, YOURSELF, got to figure out.

A lot of the times A LOT OF ya’ll are incapable of this level of SISTERHOOD because you lack the SELF CHECK inner trigger that keeps it real with you and says, “Ey that woman bothers you for absolutely no reason at all just her VIBE! And that’s not on her, that’s something within YOU!”

Sisterhood isn’t just building a BOND between women only YOU LIKE! It’s a connection of mutual respect between ALL WOMEN despite your differences, lack of connection, lack of love, lack of knowing, and lack of care for. You don’t have to like, love, or connect with folks to have sisterhood with them.

It’s just RESPECT.

Like, Nah, I may not care for you but you Sis, are still my sister and in my presence you will have my respect, my care, my understanding, despite our differences.

This is the level of Sisterhood I give to EVERYONE! EVERYONE! I challenge anyone to CHALLENGE THAT!

The only time you will EVER see me out of character is if I am threatened or DIRECTLY offended/disrespected. Other than that I GO BEYOND AND ABOVE FOR MY PEOPLE, HONESTLY ALL PEOPLE> But TODAY. I’m talking to MY PEOPLE. Because we got to do better. It’s holding us ALL back.
It’s ok not to vibe with other women, but you CHOOSE TO HATE AND SPREAD LIES ABOUT THAT PERSON! Especially if you’ve never even had a CONVERSATION WITH THEM.

And If I NEED TO DISTANCE MYSELF FOR ME I DO THAT! I’m never going to speak out and against another woman! I don’t have to!

Your energy, your actions, will always speak for themselves!

Just like MINE DOES!

We all have good days, bad days, attitude days, sad days, miserable days, jealous days, insecure days, all that. So, it baffles me why women just can’t give each other the benefit of the doubt and just be better towards each other. We are quick to say the whole World is against us but fail to mention how much we allow each other to be against ONE ANOTHER! And coincidentally, against ourselves!

I’m checking myself and really going forward in my life I’m not entertaining conversations that lead to, “it’s something about her energy I don’t like.”

I’m done engaging in convos like that. Because I KNOW MY ENERGY ain’t always 100! How do I know that on that day MAYBE she wasn’t feeling conversing with people. Maybe she was too tired. Maybe she had a bad day. Maybe someone already rubbed her wrong. Maybe she’s just drained.

I too have those days where I just want to be left the hell alone. I know for a FACT some of my first encounters wasn’t PICTURE PERFECT! BUT GOD there have been plenty of people who have given me the benefit of the doubt. And other’s not so much.

I want to, moving forward, give people the benefit of the doubt that I haven’t always given.

I want to say, maybe this day, this just wasn’t her day. And hey, maybe next encounter will be better. And you know what, if not, if this is just how she is, let me send that Sis some love so that one day she maybe at this crossroad in her life and be like you know what, how I’m acting is not beneficial to my growth and development and I too want to find grace within for not only other women BUT FOR MYSELF!

Let me just move in grace and love.

It’s too easy for us to be disrespectful, to be hateful, to lack love for each other, and respect for each other. And that shit just ain’t sitting to well with me anymore.

I just want to, moving forward in my life, make sure my presence is impactful and not regretful in every woman’s light I touch or encounter. May my light or even there light inspire my light or their light to shine brighter.

Like as I sit here going through clothes, and having some heart to hearts with myself going through my Mama’s clothes and just wondering why did people love my Mama so much. What was it about her that set her apart from so many others.

It’s because in mind of her shortcomings, her temper, her down times, her times when she may have did or talked to much, people packed out that funeral home, and connected with her, and showed her so much damn love and respect, and her and all my Aunties loved each other for years to where that love is now shown in BOUNTIFULNESS to me and my sister is because throughout all their ups and downs they all POSSESS GRACE TOWARDS EACH OTHER.

IDK maybe that’s a level of grace that comes with age and growth.

But today, on this day, this is where I am. This is what I’m moving towards.

I want to have a welcoming energy.

Nah, we don’t have to kick it. We may not resonate but Sis just know in my presence you have grace and you won’t ever have to worry about me laughing at your pain again.

Yesterday, don’t count. But today, right now, moving forward, this is where I am.

And if tomorrow I fall short may I meet another sister that’ll apply grace and give me a chance to be better the next day.

Let’s stop throwing boulders through glass houses that we too are comprised of.

So, I’m at the Raytown High School Meet and I’m so proud of my Raytown Bluejays Track&Field because a young girl on the Ruskin team fell over a hurdle and got tangled, not ONLY DID THE YOUNG GIRLS ON OUR TEAM NOT LAUGH, they ENCOURAGED HER TO GET BACK UP AND KEEP GOING!!!!

And cheered her on for the RACE.

She went from being in last place (5th) to 4th!!!!

If that’s not a powerful reassurance that I’m making the right decision to focus on the positive moving forward with connecting with others and giving the benefit of the doubt than I don’t know what is.

God is always speaking.

I’m choosing to listen.

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