Focus On You

You CHOOSE to involve yourself in things that aren’t pertaining to you.

I often see folks say in defense of their criticisms towards others that, “folks put their business out there to the court of public opinion….” You guys know the rest.

Are people putting their business out there or are they just living their lives and it makes you uncomfortable because their lifestyle and their way of living isn’t in agreement to how you view or live in your world?

What makes you believe that your way of living is “correct”, hmm?

Lately I’ve been really actively practicing not passing criticism OR if I feel a criticism about someone else in my mind I analyze it to see why it’s bothering me or why it’s sticking out in my thoughts.

Our minds are so conditioned to judge it’s really elevating to like analyze where these judgments are rooted from.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself when you start to see the truth in your judgements.

Just because someone is living their life doesn’t mean they are asking for your scrutiny.

Focus on you.

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