Love = Safe Spaces

We speak on mental illness and how real it is but fail miserably to provide open spaces for folks to express their issues and their concerns.

All day on these apps people persecute, tarnish, talk down to, criticize, throw hate within these “jokes”, throw shame, and just do everything that’s counterproductive to allowing folks safe passage to BE.

We shame everything but expect people to live their truths? How can they?

We don’t offer safe spaces unless you come from a certain caliber or success or influence then you matter. What about the folks who go unnoticed and unheard? Who don’t have connections.

Who feel like they are nobody?

Folks that are deeply impacted by y’all jokes and the harsh things you say and do.

People be like, “folks are so soft now.” Nah people are starting to feel and it takes TREMENDOUS STRENGTH TO FEEL versus doing the easy thing of being an asshole daily.

It’s easy to talk shit all day long through Twitter fingers. It’s harder to love and show love to a stranger or someone that you don’t care for.

Why is that?

I’m choosing love every time. Genuine love.

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