Glowing Skin

The Big 3 of glowing skin

• Water drink it daily. You should be drinking at least half your weight in ounces a day.

The common misconception however is that your urine should be clear to indicate your drinking enough water and that is incorrect. Clear urine is a common sign that your kidneys are not filtering correctly.

Urine should always be like pastel shade of yellow or so and cloudy. That is how we know our kidneys are functioning correctly. If it looks like water see a doctor.

• Nutrition matters! You can’t eat a ton of things that are toxic and expect your skin to not suffer.

Our skin is not just a barrier it’s a part of the waste eliminating process.

With that being said, what’s not coming out your urine or your a$$ is going to come out your pores!

Yes. So, eat with caution.

Can’t be eating takis, fried chicken daily, and no veggies or fruits and expecting pimple free skin.

• Herbal supplements are your last support system when it comes to healthy skin!

You have to have the top two in order before introducing herbs to your body.

Introducing herbs to a body that’s not healthily supported is like using an eraser to erase a sentence that’s been written with a permanent marker.


You have to cleanse your system and create a NEW canvas!

That’s where the Hey Kilo Cares 3 day detox comes in hand!

Created to gently help your body adhere to a nutritional wellness plan that’ll support your health and wellness needs!

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