This is probably a title that I have used many times before. I just can’t help myself. I am grateful.

I have come to a place in my life where I am acceptive of absolutely everything that I am. I know without a doubt that I have a lot of inner work that I currently doing.

I have a lot of learning that I am currently undertaking.

I have a lot of changes to my physical surroundings that are sure to come.

I have a lot to be soooo grateful for.

Everything is clicking into place. Everything that I am saying is going to happen is transpiring. So much so that I have to be really careful with my thoughts.

For instance, I said a week ago that my son’s broken phone was going to be lost by the time his replacement phone came in. Guess what it did.

I said I needed money to turn up out of no where for an expense that needed to be paid prior to my pay date. Guess what? IT DID!

So, that goes to show that ALL OF OUR THOUGHTS truly TRULY will and can manifest so that’s the lesson that I needed to see. I needed to understand that whatever I think within my mind will transpire.

I said I wanted to find a consistent work out partner about a month ago. Guess what? I DID! My homegirl mentioned it the other day on her post and what area she was in, I was like hey I can! We both have a membership at the same gym, and we started TODAY. Look, I’m not playing!

I said that I wanted to find my son a black Male Therapist to go to and talk to. Guess what? I did this morning!!!! My Supervisor who is GOD SENT TO ME ya’ll pulled up like hey, I have a friend who used a therapist for her and her kids before and after her son died. Ya’ll look at GOD! Because my baby really needs someone that he can relate too! We do therapy over this way!!!!

I’ve been blessed in so many ways this week. EVEN THROUGH MY OWN INNER STRUGGLES with battling my insecurities and inner issues I have been blessed this week ya’ll.

I say all that to say get your minds and your hearts aligned. Whatever you have to do, do it. Spirit has been showing me that now is the time to put a heavy emphasis on showing what’s important in your life that it/they/she/he are IMPORTANT TO YOU!

I’ve made so many excuses as to why I can’t show the people in my life why they are important to me. I allowed so many outside distractions and my business get in the way of the ones I hold dearly last year EVEN THOUGH they are my reasons for doing it all. It’s so easy to get lost in entrepreneurship thinking we have to do, do, do. And go, go, go for our dreams that we forget the very things that we are pushing so hard for in the first place.

That’s not me. That’s not my brand. My brand is my heart and my heart is my Husband and our children. My heart and my WORLD is my seeds and how can I ever continue to do what I do and my home and my boys need me present.

So now, I incorporate the boys in my plans. They help me create. I’ve scaled back on the things that I do so that I am not overburdening myself.

Right now my time is focused on immense studying so that once the healing tribe spirit has shown me is ready to create a healing center I will be ready to educate. THAT is my focus.

I’m so grateful right now to see my future clearly. So much clearer.

That is why I’m grateful. Our son’s will thrive in life. All 6 of them. Our Daughters will too. Our G babies as well. Like life is about to get sooo much sweeter. My Husband and I have so many plans. His business is going to be extremely successful and the greatest part is he’s coming home.

For that I am grateful.

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