At This Point….

I believe social media is the root to all evil. It’s Pandora’s box that locks folks into a paradigm of ignorance.

Ignorance is bliss.

I hate that days later we, not me but y’all, are still discussing this but I have to break my silence ONLY in regards to the article you guys keep referencing.

US Weekly:

The fact that y’all don’t know a credible media source over a tabloid in todays society is sad. I don’t know what other way to put it.

US Weekly has always been a TABLOID!

Just think rationally here.

This 👋🏾 was felt and heard all across the world. So much so it’s literally top news next to a damn CURRENT WAR going on in Ukraine!

Do you think after something like that if I were Jada Pinkett Smith I’d sit and have an interview with WEAK ASS US WEEKLY without giving ESSENCE, Vogue or EVEN OPRAH A CHANCE TO INTERVIEW ME FIRST?!

Are y’all serious?

I sit on a fence daily from speaking because I’m often ridiculed of being a “Know it all” by some.

The fact remains that people don’t know enough and they proudly boast their ignorance on their dominating platforms rather City Famous or in Hollyweird and honestly that is the true issue and problem here in America.

It always has been.

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