A Word

You know a few years back I lost a classmate to Cervical Cancer.

I felt like there were times were she was attempting to connect with me and I was lost in the World and I didn’t make the time.

I didn’t know she was sick until folks started posting her passing away.

I felt awful.

After that I really started to dig deeper into myself to see myself and to see where I went wrong.

Since then I’ve lost other friends rather to cancer, or complications of other diseases and surgeries and I’m like… you think you have more time but y’all we don’t.

Time is of an essence.

You have to find balance in whatever route you take in life. Find balance in everything you do and everything will fall into place.

Moreso awareness not just balance.

Be aware of what you do to not only yourself but to others.

Be about your word.

I use to have a lot to say to a lot of people and now days I’m extremely reserved.

When I do speak I make sure I speak with integrity.

People be like you change or certain people just won’t say anything to me at all and that’s directly apart of my design.

My energy is different, I know.

I am ✨

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