Lately I have been taking a step back from heavily promoting my business.

I’m absolutely over vending. Not the vending events themselves, they have all been WONDERFUL and amazing. However extremely tiring packing and unpacking. I’m really ready for a stationary location and would rather in the meantime continue to push sales directly to my website.

I’m over marketing via social media and honestly would rather just receive referrals. You know, I put this thought out into the Universe a couple of months back and it’s been happening.

Most of my recent sales have all been referral based. And I am grateful.

I am taking a step back from social media and instead am choosing to BLOG, write my book, update my website daily, and put more time and focus into my family and our home.

I am also studying and am looking forward to speaking engagements, conferences, panel discussions, and mentoring programs.

I’m at a place where I want to give more than I receive. I want to enrich minds and people on the power of herbs and just BEING themselves. Living a more intentional life that aligns to YOUR desires not what society would have you do.

I’ve realized in my sitting still that I am still busy but not overly burdened. I am able to set my schedule to my liking. I am able to get adequate rest. I’m not overly stressed thinking I have to “go, go, go” in order to reap any reward. That way of exhaustively overworking yourself on the “grind” may work for some but it doesn’t work for me.

I work better at ease. I used to think I worked better under pressure but all I was doing was working myself into a stroke and I’m good on that. Last night I was able between laundry and cooking dinner to like sit and chill on my couch and rub my dogs head. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do that.

I’m not going to take those still moments for granted anymore.

I’m not going to miss any of my kids games or important moments anymore. Hell, my grandbabies are going to be in activities soon too so yeah, I’m going to sit back and still enjoy being “Hey Kilo” but I’m choosing to allow my products to speak for themselves and sell themselves.

I have changed my mind on the direction I want to lead my life. I want to lead it with an overabundance of love for absolutely everything that I do. Surrounded by love and ensuring I give love at all times.

So, while I won’t be vending as much this year I am NOT stopping my creations just will be more controlled when I do them. So, as I create and make I’ll create links and post for them for purchasing.

I am opting out of customizing anything except waistbeads so there will be no commissioned pieces unfortunately as I get used to my schedule.

Glow kits, body products, and herbal supplements aren’t going anywhere. They are here to stay.

I want to emphasis to my Customer Family that If you love my products PLEASE refer them to a friend. Please write a review. I truly TRULY appreciate it.

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