Black Men

Yes let’s make this domestic issue where this man died by the hands of his partner and TARNISH him for choosing to date a white woman….. sarcasm


I really can’t stand humanity, US, Them, YALL.

Like seriously this what y’all do every time then wonder why black men don’t feel safe or comfortable enough to speak about their issues.

Just a few months ago y’all were going in on a guy getting outed by his male lover.

How could a man EVER come out in a community that will crucify him for choosing differently? For being different?!

The more I grow the more I see y’all stay the same and that’s absolutely why I choose to stay out the way. I get it. It’s fear and being so stuck in your own agreements that you think you’re justified and everyone should live the way you deem is correct.

Well that’s not how the World moves. The only World that revolves around you is the one you’ve created on your own mind, no one else’s. What you think is right or politically correct is your own VIEWS. That shit ain’t law. The sooner you realize that the better off y’all minds will be.

With that being said;

Black Men experience verbal and domestic violence in any relationship no matter who or what they are dating.

Toxicity has no color designation and misery loves company.

The message today should be SELF LOVE and VALUE YOURSELVES BLACK MEN! Value yourselves enough to know who is and who isn’t for you.

Don’t settle for a SOUL.

Find your peace no matter what because you can’t be anyone else’s peace they have to be their own.

Stop pouring into people and take that energy and pour it into YOU because this Worlds one true job at time seems to just want to continuously BREAK YALL DOWN and I just want y’all to always feel and find love from within when it seems you’ll never be able to get it from around you.

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