The Brain is the True Heart

The Mind, Brain, whatever you want to call it, controls everything.

It controls the heart. It tells the heart to pump. It guides the rest of the body. It regulates thoughts, feelings, and actions.

It is directly affected by the foods we eat, the sensory images we see/hear, the environmental stressors that are present rather seen/unseen, the things we voluntarily allow ourselves to deal with, and more.

You can connect a heart to machines to keep pumping but once you’re brain dead you are gone.

Nourish your minds, be careful what you focus your time and attention to.

Eliminate stress factors.

Try breath work, yoga, and meditation to center yourself, your mind, and your thoughts.

Great health begins in the kitchen. Incorporate nootropic herbs that help to support cognitive brain function and are also adaptogenic and help to mitigate stress within your body.

Brain health is important as it is the brain that controls everything.

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