Our Magical Bodies

We literally walk around with a lack of self awareness and we have to stop doing that.

We have to stop blindly living and get a better understanding of who and what we are.

NO wonder why it’s so easy for our minds to be easily manipulated because you literally walk in a daydream not knowing what’s real.

Women our bodies are one of a kind and we really are supreme beings. Capable of not only hosting a child for 10 months in our body but our bodies are then capable of adjusting to bring that child into the world and then it can feed and nourish that child and reset itself back to it’s natural state.

People don’t realize how precious our system is.

Our bodies regenerate themselves every day. Cells die and are reborn, tissues heal, bones mend, scars fade, and hair/nails grow.

What you eat can and will manifest in your body so eat and drink wisely. Our body is comprised of 80% water and it’s vital that you keep yourself hydrated because cells require it.

You should at least be drinking half your weight in ounces a day. If you drink anything with diuretics in it you should be drinking more water.

Know Thyself

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