Stop Putting Your Daughters On The Pill

Stop putting “fast girls” on birth control and just talk to them OPEN and HONESTLY about SAFE SEX.

Birth Control should NOT be used as:

A hormone correction.

To regulate your menstrual cycle. If your flow is heavy or painful there are other contributing factors that should be looked into to determine the issue not to suppress your menstrual flow.

Birth Control does way more harm than it does any good.

It is a manmade synthetic hormone creation that completely disrupts your Endocrine System which then weakens your Immune System, Lymphatic System, Nervous System, and so much more.

Especially that pill.

Do not put your daughters on the pill. Talk to them about safe sex and the importance of protecting their temple.

Don’t threaten them and answer any questions they may have about sex.

If you have boys, I think it’s absolutely vital to teach young boys about girls menstruation cycles and how they ovulate, ovulation periods and more. I think boys need to know just as much about menstruation cycles and a woman’s anatomy just as much as girls do.

Ok I’m done for the day.




Wait there’s more…..

Ok let’s also stop shunning teenagers curiosities about sex and their body parts and the sensations they are feeling as their hormones kick in.

Talk to your kids about Sex. It’s ok!

There was so much I didn’t know as a teen into an adult because I really didn’t have anyone that would sit me down to talk to me about sex.

All my Daddy would do is freak his black n’ mild and say to me, “You bet not be f*cking.”

Lol it’s funny now but it wasn’t then because I had questions!!!!

My Mama kept it real with us but I feel it was still a lot of fear tactics in regards to sex and any time you’d ask anything you’d get a thousand threats so I’d drop the convo altogether.

All I’m saying is let’s be better this go around with our seeds.

Sometimes I feel my Mom and Dad honestly didn’t know enough to advise. They did the best they could.

We got way too much resources at our fingertips to not research and know more accurate ways of advising our kids on safe sex practices, the dangers of oral contraceptives, and the proper ways of having these hard conversations with our kids.

But one thing I do know is they didn’t believe in birth control and all they would say is you don’t need it because, “You bet not be f*cking!” lmfao

Ok now I’m done for real.

We often forget we were children, teens, all dat.

If your parents couldn’t keep you from having sex and you still went out in the World blindly, what makes you think you are going to keep your own hard headed kids from having sex or sexual curiosities?

Better talk to them and keep them highly informed.

Ok I’m really done now.

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