Alterative Herbs

What are ALTERATIVE herbs? (Yes, it’s spelled correctly.

There are so many toxic things that surround us on a daily basis. Rather we consume them or even environmental factors.

Alterative herbs are herbs that help to support the bodies waste elimination processes through supporting the lymphatic system, liver, urinary tract system, bowels, and skin.

Alternative herbs are used to help support the cleansing of blood, support metabolic functioning, and alter the state of our health towards the better.

Nettle is one of my favorite alterative herbs. It’s really the reason why my periods aren’t as painful as they used to be, why my skin is glowing or always super self healing, why my kidneys are supported and capable of doing what they are supposed to do! Purify toxins in the bloodstream.

Anything that’s supports purifying of blood is going to automatically be beneficial to your hair, skin, and nails by way of growth and even tone.

Burdock root, nettle, and dandelion root are all amazing alterative herbs.

Red Clover is another good one that I like to add to your diet and is great for those who suffer eczema.

Get into healing herbs. Our bodies are in a constant state of regeneration and depending on what you eat or drink is how you’re nourishing you’re temple.

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